Episode IV: Hope


I feel like it’s been ages!

But I’m back with you all. The day I’m writing this is March the 13th, which means it is my birthday.

Also, it means that in 79 days I’ll quit my job.

And I do have some exciting news for whoever is following my journey towards becoming a Mexican digital nomad!

In the last episode I told you about how the company I was going to promote got sued by the FTC and will probably be shutting down its operations, and how that meant I was starting everything from scratch.

Today, I’ve got some good news! Dawn always comes, and the events that took place during this period just proves it.

First of all, allow me to explain in a nutshell how I am planning on surviving without the income of my regular job:

I’ll do something that is called affiliate marketing, and this basically means that I’ll be promoting a product in order to receive commissions from whoever joins, and this was the way Digital Altitude worked; I’d tell the world about it, and then if someone joined, I was going to earn money form them joining the team.

Now, since it got sued, I had to look for another way to do the same, or maybe I would have had to completely rethink my strategy in case I didn’t find anything to promote. The good news is that I found something and it is even better than DA.

I’ll give you some context in order to explain exactly how this happened.

When you joined DA, the person who brought you in was called your sponsor. This person would receive commissions from what you paid. This also meant that you would be joining this person’s team.

My sponsor’s sponsor is called Justin Holland, and I got into both teams, my sponsor’s team and Justin’s team too.

Holland is an Australian mate and he was one of the top earners in DA. He had been doing it for quite a while and he is very good at it. He is also a great human being and helped his team a lot by offering trainings and teaching everything he knew in order to make sure everyone was able to earn money from this.

Since the company got sued, he got working to give us something to promote so that people still have income despite DA not being active.

He developed a system of trainings that teach everything from the very basics of marketing to the more advanced stuff.

And this is where the good news come in.

I’ve been taking his training and it has been the best thing that has happened to me since I committed myself to becoming a digital nomad.

I’ll be telling you more in future episodes. For now I’m still learning, but I wanted to give you all this very quick update.

And I want to leave you all with a lesson:

Even when it looks like everything is lost and that you failed, you need to persevere, because you never know how everything is going to turn out in the end. Out of this ‘failure‘ came one of the best opportunities I’ve had, and this is just how life is. Don’t give up, because if you never take the risk to fail you’ll never be able to win.


Thank you for reading!

I’ll see you on the road.

Sincerely, Real J. A. Leon.

EPISODE III: Revenge of the FTC

Things went bananas!

So, in the last episode I told you how I was planning on joining two digital communities, locationindie.com and Digital Altitude, right?

Well, things not always go as planned.

Because of DA’s system, I needed to make quite a big investment to be able to sell it and earn commissions from the system. Basically, the system works by inviting other people, and you need to own yourself the product that you’re going to sell, so if you want to sell the top tiers, you need to invest in them first —you’d be able to use it, of course.

I decided to make the investment and I bought the first three products, so I’d be learning from them and also benefiting from the commissions. That was on January the 27th. On January the 29th, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sued Digital Altitude for “fraudulent schemes that prey on consumers”.

The FTC alleges DA’s marketing claims are misleading. Some of the marketing say things along the lines of “make 6 figures in 18 steps”, or “make 6 figures in 90 days or less”, and although it is technically possible, most consumers don’t actually earn said money.

Payment processors and banks terminated DA’s merchant accounts at least 10 times between July 2016 and January 2017. Some consumers sought chargebacks after DA refused to give a refund.

When the chargeback rates led payment processors and banks to terminate DA’s merchant accounts, DA embarked on further deception to continue to process credit and debit card charges for their sales. Such deception includes actions like opening accounts under their own names, and even stating that they had never had their accounts closed.

Following the complaint filled on January the 29th, a temporary restraining order was granted on February the 1st, and this meant that DA was prohibited from:

  • Stating consumers “who purchase DA’s purported money making opportunities will earn or are likely to earn substantial income”.
  • Stating customers who purchase DA’s purported money making opportunities will receive business coaching the will provide what the consumers need to build a successful online business.
  • Benefiting from using, selling, renting, leasing, transferring ir disclosing financial or identifying information of any person that any DA defendant obtained in connection with any activity that pertains to the FTC case.


This is some of the information, which you can find and read yourself from my sources:






I don’t take any sides, so I won’t say that the thing was a scam or anything like that, however, looking at both sides, I think there are completely valid points for both.

I agree with the FTC in the sense that DA was not moving in the most ethical ways, opening accounts under different names than the moral person they are.

Other actions that don’t necessarily follow the rules of morality are that the coaches provided to consumers were said to be 6 figure earners themselves, and not all the times was true, and the obvious one, of course, the fact that they advertised the product as something with which you could earn “6 figures in 90 days or less”.

This creates a problem because even though it is actually achievable, and people HAVE done it, it is not likely to work for everyone. First of all, the system meant HARD WORK, and people who wanted easy fast money, were in for disappointment.

Second of all, it also involved a substantial investment, and if people thought by paying for the products (even by just watching the trainings) were going to be earning money, that was NOT going to happen. We need to follow the steps and, most importantly, HUSTLE. Without the hustle, there would be no rewards.

And I see where the FTC is coming from. If you advertise your product as “coffee”, you should give the customers coffee, and not the plant to get the coffee grains themselves.

Now, I agree with DA because, as a customer myself, I know it has good trainings, a good system, and good people in it. I met plenty of people advertising DA and I know they were doing things ethically and as a way to free themselves from traditional jobs or to get some more money for their families, or maybe for themselves, I know many people were on this to live their travel dreams, like myself.

So the future is very uncertain now. Nobody knows whether DA is going to shut down or now, however I know something for sure, and that is that we will (or at least I will) continue, nothing is going to slow down the people who were affected by this. There are a million and one ways to earn money online, and we there is nothing stopping us. I have been in contact with many members and know that big things are coming.


Thank you for reading this far!

I’ll see you on the road.

EPISODE II: First Steps of a Mexican Digital Nomad

Hey! How are you? Let me know!


Before you start reading, you must know the events of this post took place on January the 16th. Hehe, whoops, I guess it took me a while to release it, but better late than never, right?


I want to share with you my day. It was officially my first day of really TAKING action into becoming Location Independent, so January the 16th should be marked in my calendar.

So I had decided I would grow my following on Instagram by following hashtags, commenting on people’s pictures, sending lots of DM’s to people I found interesting, and that’s what I was doing when I came across the profile of this girl and I noticed she had an e-book on her path towards location independence —I’ve also been download insane amounts of e-books on the subject—, and for the first time I could really relate to her story, and somehow to her energy, so I decided to check out the link she had to connect with her Facebook.

I was very surprised to see it was actually a real Facebook, with the option to add friend and all that, so I found that strategy interesting. I sent her a message and she responded me almost immediately, so we started chatting and she’s a super cool person, so she gained my full trust instantly.

She talked in the e-book (and also told me through the messages) that she had joined a community that focuses mostly on affiliate marketing*. So I said to myself, “you know what? She looks cool, and I really NEED to learn this anyway”, and so I joined.

That was at 3PM.


I had scheduled a webinar with Travis Sherry, from the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast —AMAZING PODCAST, YOU REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO IT— on the 4 keys to location independence.

That was at 6PM

He gave a very informative webinar, and at the end he promoted his community, locationindie.com and, since I had been waiting to get in —it’s sort of exclusive, they only open the invitation to new members every once in a while—, I also took action and joined.


I mean, money doesn’t matter, I spent around $86USD on those two products, $37 or so on the ASPIRE membership, and $49USD on the LI one, but it’s an investment, I am a believer in HARD WORK —HUSTLE— and INVESTMENT. If there is this great community called Location Indie, where other 500 digital nomads (or soon to be) hang around, I’ll be there! And also with this other one that provides coaches and teaches you how to earn money online! Hell yeah I’m in too. The idea is to invest, learn and TAKE ACTION. That’s the plan.

EPISODE I: Origins of a Mexican Digital Nomad

(YouTube Spanish/English versions of the video at the bottom)

First things first. THANK YOU for being here, it means the WORLD to me.

Now, let’s begin with the show, shall we?

What’s a digital nomad? Had you heard the term before? I hadn’t until last year, and it changed my life.

In September 2014, I lived in Oxford for six months, and when I came back to Mexico, I was a different man. I used to see the world as this HUGE place, and I had never understood how small it actually is. “Traveling? Pfff that’s for the rich. Two weeks of expensive journeys”. “Living in other countries? Only the lucky ones.” That used to be my mentality, until I lived in Oxford and realized it wasn’t a crazy thing to travel from London to Marseille for £30 more or less —thank you, Ryanair—.

I became obsessed with traveling. I started by visiting friends in other states, doing a road trip through the south of Mexico, then trying to find cheap flights to other countries and in every opportunity I would just wander around the globe.

If you love traveling as much as I do, you may be familiar with the awful feeling of having to go back home for another 6 months and then waiting for the next holidays to travel again. That is why I never wanted to stop, and I think I found the way…

I came across the term “Digital Nomad” (DN for future references) first when I was listening to the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Episode (they’re awesome! If you like traveling, even if you’re not a DN, it’s got the best traveling tips I’ve ever heard, plus it’s very entertaining) when Trav, the host started talking about strategies of how to become Location Independent, and I thought that sounded exciting. That’s where it started.

Before ever thinking being Location Independent was possible, my original plan was to go to university in Denmark (I love the country, seriously), and after a while, I noticed it wasn’t as easy as I thought, plus I didn’t see it getting any easier for me, so I decided to abort the mission.

After that, I thought going to university in Mexico was the only way to go, until I came up with the idea of trying to get into a university in England. Nevertheless, again, things seemed more difficult than they needed to be, so, again I decided to abort that mission.

And that’s when the term “Digital Nomad” made a magical appearance in my life, and immediately I knew that was the ONLY way to go. So I became informed on what people were doing to be Location Independent, and found there are countless ways to do it, and, since it’s becoming a trend, it’s only going to grow.

First I thought I would make all my money from being a VA (Virtual Assistant), teaching English and Spanish and translating texts from those languages. But then I came across something called Digital Altitude, which seems to be the best way for me.

I was already planning on building this brand, REAL J.A. LEON, and what this company offers is a way of Affiliate Marketing, so I can leverage what the company offers and my plans of building this brand and thus, being able to replace my current job’s income with that of a fully online, Location Independent job.

So I’ll be trying out DA and I’ll let you, mates, know if it’s cool or not.


For now, I say goodbye to you, this is the end of the Episode I. Thank you for reading all the way here. Remember to leave a comment, I read them all!

You can get in touch with me, click here, send me an email and you can let me know if you’re also becoming a DN, or you’re already one, I’m very curious to know what you think about this crazy idea!

Thank you, and I’ll see you on the road.


Hey mate! First of all, thank you for visiting the page! It really means the world to me. Welcome to the tribe of baby lions (better name pending), where you can feel safe and share whether or not you know what a digital nomad is, if you are one, or, like me at the moment of writing this, are in the process of becoming one.

Feel free to email me (check out the contact section). If you send me a quick message saying ‘hey Tony, I’m here from realjaleon.com’, I’ll make sure to add you and give you a shoutout to my millions of followers (probably not millions, but to those watching).

Also, make sure to text me SPECIALLY if you’re Mexican. I’m looking for more ‘paisanos’ to make this a thing in Mexico.

So, for now, that’s all for the welcoming, enjoy the Becoming a Mexican Digital Nomad Show HERE (or on YouTube). THANK YOU AGAIN for all your love.

I’ll see you on the road, J. A. LEON.