ABOUT: Who am I?

Hey, mate! I’ve got to say it’s very cool to see you here!

I’m your Mexican friend, Tony, or J.A. LEON, The Lion, or the Grand Jedi Master, however you wanna call me.

It was September the 13th, 2015. I was sitting in a plane next to María, Humber and Caro, three people I had just met in person, but with whom I already had a deep connection from our conversations on WhatsApp.

They were the first people I met on the trip that changed my life. I stayed in Oxford for 6 months and met people from all over the world. That was when I realized the world was a pretty big place.

I started traveling, and it became my biggest passion, my only vice.

That is why I never want to stop, and I think I found the way…

This is my story: Becoming a Mexican Digital Nomad.