EPISODE II: First Steps of a Mexican Digital Nomad

Hey! How are you? Let me know!


Before you start reading, you must know the events of this post took place on January the 16th. Hehe, whoops, I guess it took me a while to release it, but better late than never, right?


I want to share with you my day. It was officially my first day of really TAKING action into becoming Location Independent, so January the 16th should be marked in my calendar.

So I had decided I would grow my following on Instagram by following hashtags, commenting on people’s pictures, sending lots of DM’s to people I found interesting, and that’s what I was doing when I came across the profile of this girl and I noticed she had an e-book on her path towards location independence —I’ve also been download insane amounts of e-books on the subject—, and for the first time I could really relate to her story, and somehow to her energy, so I decided to check out the link she had to connect with her Facebook.

I was very surprised to see it was actually a real Facebook, with the option to add friend and all that, so I found that strategy interesting. I sent her a message and she responded me almost immediately, so we started chatting and she’s a super cool person, so she gained my full trust instantly.

She talked in the e-book (and also told me through the messages) that she had joined a community that focuses mostly on affiliate marketing*. So I said to myself, “you know what? She looks cool, and I really NEED to learn this anyway”, and so I joined.

That was at 3PM.


I had scheduled a webinar with Travis Sherry, from the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast —AMAZING PODCAST, YOU REALLY NEED TO LISTEN TO IT— on the 4 keys to location independence.

That was at 6PM

He gave a very informative webinar, and at the end he promoted his community, locationindie.com and, since I had been waiting to get in —it’s sort of exclusive, they only open the invitation to new members every once in a while—, I also took action and joined.


I mean, money doesn’t matter, I spent around $86USD on those two products, $37 or so on the ASPIRE membership, and $49USD on the LI one, but it’s an investment, I am a believer in HARD WORK —HUSTLE— and INVESTMENT. If there is this great community called Location Indie, where other 500 digital nomads (or soon to be) hang around, I’ll be there! And also with this other one that provides coaches and teaches you how to earn money online! Hell yeah I’m in too. The idea is to invest, learn and TAKE ACTION. That’s the plan.

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