Hey mate! First of all, thank you for visiting the page! It really means the world to me. Welcome to the tribe of baby lions (better name pending), where you can feel safe and share whether or not you know what a digital nomad is, if you are one, or, like me at the moment of writing this, are in the process of becoming one.

Feel free to email me (check out the contact section). If you send me a quick message saying ‘hey Tony, I’m here from realjaleon.com’, I’ll make sure to add you and give you a shoutout to my millions of followers (probably not millions, but to those watching).

Also, make sure to text me SPECIALLY if you’re Mexican. I’m looking for more ‘paisanos’ to make this a thing in Mexico.

So, for now, that’s all for the welcoming, enjoy the Becoming a Mexican Digital Nomad Show HERE (or on YouTube). THANK YOU AGAIN for all your love.

I’ll see you on the road, J. A. LEON.

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