EPISODE I: Origins of a Mexican Digital Nomad

(YouTube Spanish/English versions of the video at the bottom)

First things first. THANK YOU for being here, it means the WORLD to me.

Now, let’s begin with the show, shall we?

What’s a digital nomad? Had you heard the term before? I hadn’t until last year, and it changed my life.

In September 2014, I lived in Oxford for six months, and when I came back to Mexico, I was a different man. I used to see the world as this HUGE place, and I had never understood how small it actually is. “Traveling? Pfff that’s for the rich. Two weeks of expensive journeys”. “Living in other countries? Only the lucky ones.” That used to be my mentality, until I lived in Oxford and realized it wasn’t a crazy thing to travel from London to Marseille for £30 more or less —thank you, Ryanair—.

I became obsessed with traveling. I started by visiting friends in other states, doing a road trip through the south of Mexico, then trying to find cheap flights to other countries and in every opportunity I would just wander around the globe.

If you love traveling as much as I do, you may be familiar with the awful feeling of having to go back home for another 6 months and then waiting for the next holidays to travel again. That is why I never wanted to stop, and I think I found the way…

I came across the term “Digital Nomad” (DN for future references) first when I was listening to the Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast Episode (they’re awesome! If you like traveling, even if you’re not a DN, it’s got the best traveling tips I’ve ever heard, plus it’s very entertaining) when Trav, the host started talking about strategies of how to become Location Independent, and I thought that sounded exciting. That’s where it started.

Before ever thinking being Location Independent was possible, my original plan was to go to university in Denmark (I love the country, seriously), and after a while, I noticed it wasn’t as easy as I thought, plus I didn’t see it getting any easier for me, so I decided to abort the mission.

After that, I thought going to university in Mexico was the only way to go, until I came up with the idea of trying to get into a university in England. Nevertheless, again, things seemed more difficult than they needed to be, so, again I decided to abort that mission.

And that’s when the term “Digital Nomad” made a magical appearance in my life, and immediately I knew that was the ONLY way to go. So I became informed on what people were doing to be Location Independent, and found there are countless ways to do it, and, since it’s becoming a trend, it’s only going to grow.

First I thought I would make all my money from being a VA (Virtual Assistant), teaching English and Spanish and translating texts from those languages. But then I came across something called Digital Altitude, which seems to be the best way for me.

I was already planning on building this brand, REAL J.A. LEON, and what this company offers is a way of Affiliate Marketing, so I can leverage what the company offers and my plans of building this brand and thus, being able to replace my current job’s income with that of a fully online, Location Independent job.

So I’ll be trying out DA and I’ll let you, mates, know if it’s cool or not.


For now, I say goodbye to you, this is the end of the Episode I. Thank you for reading all the way here. Remember to leave a comment, I read them all!

You can get in touch with me, click here, send me an email and you can let me know if you’re also becoming a DN, or you’re already one, I’m very curious to know what you think about this crazy idea!

Thank you, and I’ll see you on the road.


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